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  • 2020 Chinese New Year – the Mouse Year

    Chinese Lunar New Year is the most important holiday in Asia, celebrated across several countries including China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and within Chinese communities in countries around the world. The coming Chinese lunar new year will fall on January 25th , and the major celebration and family gathering starting from the New Year’s […]

  • Press Release in China

    How can a marketing campaign succeed when you want to target a market as big as China? The answer is : Start your marketing in China with a News Release. News releases likewise give a lot of exposure for organizations, alongside numerous SEO benefits too. With regards to China PR, utilizing a China press release will […]

  • 10 Chinese customs that will shock you

    Every country has its own culture and unique customs that come with it. Understanding the social etiquette of the country before visiting can help to make the experience less overwhelming. In China, you might be surprised to find that burping is considered a way of complimenting the chef or that a gift will be refused several times […]

  • Use Chinese Press Release for Marketing

    PR Marketing China

    Publishing press releases have become part of social marketing scene.   Apart from the purposes of announcing news, press releases also provide huge publicity for businesses and SEO benefits. HSU operates over twenty high DA (domain authority) news sites in China and international sites.  Contact us for PR marketing! The advantages of using press releases are: […]

  • Case Study: Secrecy Information leak due to using Online Translation Tool

    secrecy information translation
  • Direct entrance to Baidu SEO

    Companies that update their One-Pager introduction on  & with a backlink to their website are naturally joined to the leading search engine index of China, Baidu. Within two weeks, Chinese companies and investors will be able to find your company in Baidu search. Biz Israel website has a very high RANK and has been […]

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