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HSU Chinese Translation – between Chinese and all languages

Our Chinese translation services include both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Our translation service is available for over 30 source languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, and Arabic.

We offer one-stop service includes translation, interpretation, website translation, software interface translation, typing by listening, native speaker dubbing, audio/video post-production and transcription, and multilingual website localization.

  • Chinese Translation:
    Each professional translator has at least five years of translation experience. We have established long term cooperation with many organizations and enterprises, our translation quality and after-service is incomparable.
  • Chinese Interpretation:
    Our interpreters are top-notch experts with vast experience.  Interpretation services cover simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation, ideal for business negotiation.  *We can provide interpretation equipment lease and venue organization as well. (* Interpretation equipment lease and venue organization only available in certain countries, please inquire for details.)
  • Chinese Proofreading:
    Proofreading covers revising words , grammar, sentence structures but not to re-translate the text. Important translation projects need proofread to confirm the precision of translation.
  • Website translation:
    Your website is the international business gateway, thus the translation quality must not be compromised. We provide high quality Chinese translation for your website, and we can also provide other translation in other languages.  Our translation is not only wordly but also ensure cross-cultural communication and relevance to your industry.  Our translation services make sure your website stand out from your competitors’ websites.
  • Chinese Subtitling
  • Audio / Video Post-Production:
    We have developed a systematic and experienced way in the post production of films, television shows,  teaching material, documentaries, and multilingual interactive media archives. Our services range from translation to transcription, dubbing, editing and subtitling. We provide a series of accurate and fast services in post production in order to  maintain the market advantages for our customers.

Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese?

The original Chinese text is Traditional Chinese.  When China communism party took over the regime in mainland China, they reformed some complicated traditional Chinese characters into simplified Chinese, while people in Taiwan and Hong Kong still keep the traditional Chinese in their education.
When it comes to Chinese translation, almost all the companies are asking for the simplified Chinese.  However, we must stress that both types of Chinese are equally important: because not only the Chinese people from mainland China can read Traditional Chinese, they feel more prestigious and high-class with traditional Chinese text. 
Let’s say you have a Taiwanese customer, and you want to show your product catalog in Chinese.  If your catalog is in simplified Chinese, the Taiwanese customer will feel disrespect, also they will think your products look “cheap” for them.
People who know traditional Chinese can also read and write simplified Chinese, while people who are educated by simplified Chinese can read Traditional Chinese, but they can’t write.

Yael Hsu has both proficiency in simplified Chinese as well as Traditional Chinese, in the written characters and the expression.  If you have doubt which Chinese to adapt, please contact us.

HSU Translations and Marketing 是专业的翻译和线上营销公司。我们能提供各种语言的对译,包括各类文件(法律,医疗,技术类,等等)、视频字幕翻译、听打、视频配音。如何您有翻译中文至其他语言的需求,欢迎联系我们!

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