Content Marketing

Nearly 80 percent of internet users ignore online ads.
How does that affect your brand?

You definitely need content marketing.  The advertising cost in China is high, and the most cost efficient way is through content.

No matter you are in a B2C business or in a B2B segment, there will be dedicated channels and general channels for your content.

Why content marketing in China and Asia is critical to a brand?

There are 4 main reasons:

  1. People have low trust in advertisement
  2. Content builds brand reputation and authority
  3. Content helps SEO and brings organic visitors
  4. Newsworthy content has longer circulation life

HSU’s dedicated content experts can create compelling content for you and customize according to your purpose.  Then we design the best content distribution and promotion strategies to help you spread the news.

Why work with HSU for your content marketing in China and Asia?

  1. We own the channels – HSU is authorized to publish news on 5 news media in China, and also publishes in the media in Japan, Korea, and the rest of Asian countries – including Arabic speaking countries.
  2. We know the laws – HSU is familiar with the strict media regulations in China and each Asia country and knows what to write and what NOT to write.
  3.  We promote directly – HSU can help promote your content through CPC or CPM campaigns, and we have direct accounts to execute the paid campaign not through a 3rd party.
  4. We know the tricks – content needs to be shared, and we can find the “viral” points in the content to encourage organic sharing.  This is an extremely precious know-how which HSU’s content creators learned through many years of being in the business.

Note: Using Outbrain or Taboola will not take you far in China and Asia, because they are not the major content distribution providers.  You will end up spending lots of money with small or no results.

Our content marketing can help you promote your products, services, events, agenda and propaganda.  We can ensure that we are the ONLY service provider with such ability and experience. Contact us now to discuss your needs and get a speedy quote.

YAEL HSU can help you design the best content marketing strategies and executions

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