Content Writing and Creation

Nearly 80 percent of internet users ignore online ads. How do you invest in marketing more smartly?

Pouring money into a paid ad campaign is not a growth strategy anymore.  Companies that are paying online ads don’t see success due to the same issue: they aren’t known to their audience. When there’s no trust, no recognition, so the cost per click remains high and rising.

So in order to get the best ROI for your advertising money, you need to build presence in PR and website content.  

What are the available forms of content?

  1. Blog articles
  2. Videos
  3. E-books
  4. Presentations
  5. Interactive games
  6. Images and Memes

As such, content can be sorted into 4 categories: Writings, graphics, and videos, and games.  But the best way to win in SEO is to invest in content writings.  

Content marketing has 2 purposes, attract readers and improve SEO ranking.  Sometimes one article can achieve both purposes, sometimes can target one of the purposes. 

Yael Hsu has vast experience in content writing and content marketing.  We can provide content writing in all the languages you require: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Filipino, Thai, Arabic, Farsi, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Afrikaans… we have the ability to provide you content in any language you need.  

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