2020 Chinese New Year – the Mouse Year

Chinese Lunar New Year is the most important holiday in Asia, celebrated across several countries including China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and within Chinese communities in countries around the world.

The coming Chinese lunar new year will fall on January 25th , and the major celebration and family gathering starting from the New Year’s Eve, on January 24th.  The Chinese new year holidays can last for several days.

This is a great opportunity for any company to greet their Chinese customers or friends.  People are happy to receive such greetings and leave a very good impression for the senders.

Although you can do it with an email and nice words, it will be better to send an E-card or a E-poster.  There are several elements to include:

  1. Red. Red is considered the color of good luck and celebration. The background has to be red, and the text has to be black or gold. You can use gold as background, but then you must use other red elements. Try not to use white color (only Japan accepts white color).
  2. New year greetings. There is no need to write a long list of greetings, one or two phrases will do the job.  Here are some examples for the Chinese Mouse Year greetings: 
  • 鼠年吉祥 or 鼠年大吉
  • 鼠年快乐
  • 鼠年数钱
  • 鼠你好运
  • 金鼠添瑞
  • 鼠年兴隆
  • 鼠来宝,鼠来妙,鼠年好运齐来到

Here are some design elements for Chinese News Year design. Some examples:

Mouse year elements
Red background
Chinese New year red background
Chinese New Year elements

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