Business Meeting Interpreter

When you look for an interpreter or a translator for business meeting, it is not enough to find someone with good language skills, the knowledge in business is equally important.

Yael Hsu is a certified accountant and that explains her deep knowledge in business and accountancy.  We know how to filter the right translators for your important business meetings.  When physical attendance is not possible, we can provide live translation via phone call or conference calls.

Do not under estimate the power of a translator.  The translator is your spokesperson during the translation service, if the translator misinterpret your words or misunderstand your meaning, the result is irreparable.  A superb interpreter can help you to convince your guests and to reach your sales goal.

According to the theory of NLP (Natural Language Programming), our words only deliver 20% of the true meaning.  The rest 80% is hidden between the lines, in the tone of speech, and in the body language.  A smart interpreter is naturally aware of these small details and deliver the right message.

We also offer Chinese business consulting services and conference call interpretation.  Our full business support covers all your business needs.

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