Japanese Translation

Japanese Translation – From Japanese to any language and vice versa

Our exclusive-contracted Japanese translators are professionals in all walks with high education degrees.  We assign your project to the most suitable translator according to the content and the requirement.  Japanese machine translation is highly inaccurate, thus human translation is critical if your content is not casual.  Our Japanese translators are highly reputable in their accuracy and professionalism and  you can fully trust.

HSU offers Japanese Translation in the following categories:

  • Japanese text translation
    • Japanese Legal translation
    • Japanese Medical translation
    • Japanese Marketing translation
    • Japanese Technical translation
    • Japanese book translation
  • Japanese website localization
  • Japanese App localization
  • Japanese video subtitling
    • YouTube translation from Japanese / to Japanese
    • Netflix translation to Japanese
    • movie subtitle translation from Japanese / to Japanese
  • Japanese video transcription
  • Japanese voice dubbing

Japan has been the culture and technology leader in Asia, thus  your business presence in Japan is a significant step toward global expansion.  HSU’s Japanese Translation services will help you in your way to the Japanese market.

Please use the contact form on the right side to send us your inquiry. We will reply you within 3 to 24 hours.

日本語から任意の言語へ、または任意の言語から日本語へのプロフェッショナルな日本語翻訳サービスを提供しています。 日本語のビデオ字幕、音声ダビング、マーケティングコンテンツの執筆など

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