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Translation project management – let us handle all your translation need

Localization means translation with culture sensitivity and relativity. The best translation is the translation that doesn’t look like it’s been translated at all, but rather written originally by the locals – this is the purpose of localization.

You should apply localization on your:

  • Marketing materials
  • Sales materials
  • Video/ Film/ TV subtitles
  • App interface
  • Game interface
  • Books 

Yael Hsu Translation can manage your multi-language translation project. You will only have one contact window for all your translation and localization needs, so you can concentrate on your main business activity.

Yael Hsu Translation offers localization wtih ISO 17100:2015 standards.

  • All translators, proofreaders, and revisers are mandated to provide documented proof of their professional and educational qualifications. In addition, certain competencies have to be in place for a professional to work on any translation project, including research, cultural, linguistic, textual, domain, and technical competencies.
  • Must have a compulsory revision process, along with client specification parameters.
  • There must be a means in place to protect data and ensure that information remains confidential.
  • Provide a mechanism to measure client feedback.
yael hsu translation iso 17100

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