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Website Translation means to translate web pages and web content through offline files or online real-time CMS.

Many websites rely on Google Translation for their multi-language output; it is recommended not to do so especially if your website is related to E-Commerce, investment, law, medical, technical, or specialized content.  We have seen lots of website with content that lost in translation and even causes misunderstanding.  

If you are a web-based business and want to attract Chinese consumers, or you offer specialized products / services and plans to use your website as your main contact point, please oh please, do not publish your Chinese website content before it’s translated by a human translator. 

Website Translation can be done through offline method or online method.

Offline website translation:

  • Website owner provide a text file with all the content or the content that needs to be translated.
  • A translator translates the text file, and send back to the website owner to update. 
  • The translation will be typed into forms with 2 columns, one column in the origin language and one column in the target language, with such side-by-side comparison the webmaster can update the correspondent content in the right place without help. 

Online website translation

  • Website owner provide the translator a set of user name and password to login into the CMS to translate online.
  • Website owner or the webmaster needs to give the translator some technical instruction on how to update the content.
  • Some website content can be translated through web based translation platform, such as Transifex,  In that case, the webmaster will give a set of username and password to the translator to update the content online.
  • App interface translation can be done through the same way.

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