Written Translation

We provide translation to written document. Written document include hand-written, typed text, and PDF text that can not be copy-paste but require human recognition prior to hand-typed translation.

Written Translation includes:

  • Computer-Typed document (all languages)
  • Typewriter-Typed document (all languages)
  • Hand-written letters (all languages)
  • Historical document (all languages)
  • Text Translation from an image, photo, or any illustration (all languages)
  • Medical Record Translation (will be translated by a Medical doctor)

Written translation must be translated by a native speaker to avoid ambiguity and mistakes. If the text is difficult to recognize, our translator will provide possible interpretations for your reference.

Yael Hsu Translation has provided translations in letters, birth certificates, diplomas, licences, hand-written notes, and texts from photos. We know how to deal with all types of written document and deliver the best translation results to our customers.

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