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Digital Marketing

Effective Direct Marketing in China and Asia

Youku Marketing

Yael Hsu Youku Channel (YouTube of China) publishes videos on new technologies, products, and services of western Co.
We supply technical needs such as professional subtitling and uploading. As of this writing, there are 880,000+ Asian viewers on the channel.

Marketing & PR

Marketing and public relations on the leading media platform of China Toutiao. We currently have 900,000+ Chinese readers and 3800+ followers with a strong interest in investment opportunities, new technologies, distribution,  helpful services and more.

Facebook Marketing

The Chinese Facebook account edited by Yael Hsu
contains 62,200+ followers. As a result of readers' sharing,
some posts reach 4,000,000+ views! The account provides exposure to services, products, and technologies from
Israel and all over the world.

Blogs & Forums Marketing

Information monitor, blog and forum management in China and Asia.  We seek out the best relevant blogs and forums and engage with users. This enables our customers to obtain organic exposure to potential B2B or B2C customers.

WeChat Marketing

We manage WeChat account which has influential followers,  we can also outreach to other WeChat accounts for guest posting.  No matter what industry and how specific the topic is, we can find suitable WeChat channel for marketing.

Marketing on Bizisrael.com

BizIsrael is a portal for business and tourism information from Israel.  It markets products and services of Israeli companies in China and the world. The portal's articles are quoted in reputable news sites in China, and mentioned in the Chinese wikipedia.

Our Works

שיווק מוצרים או שרותים

פניה ברשת ללקוחות B2B או B2C פוטנציאלים

טכנולוגיה ומיזמי סטארט אפ

פרסום ויח"צ למציאת מפיצים או משקיעים

פרסום כנסים ותערוכות בארץ

פרסום שיווק ויח"צ

פרסום ושיווק ספרים בסין ואסיה

פרסום ושיווק ברשתות חברתיות


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