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Digital Marketing

Effective Direct Marketing in China and Asia

Youku Marketing

Yael Hsu Youku Channel (equivalent to YouTube) publishes videos on new technologies, products and services of western companies.
We provide professional video subtitling, dubbing and promoting. 890,000+ views on the channel so far.

Marketing & PR

Marketing and public relations on leading Chinese news media - Toutiao. We currently have 900,000+ Chinese readers and 3800+ followers with interest in investment opportunities, new technologies, services and more.

Facebook Marketing

The Chinese Facebook page managed by Yael Hsu has 62,300+ active followers, some posts reach 4,000,000+ views through sharing! The Page provides influencer marketing to companies seeking B2C exposure.

More Services

  • Marketing in Asia: Online News and social media
  • Software / App DEV & Integration in China

WeChat Marketing

Yael Hsu Translations has access to WeChat accounts of business people, public and private companies, and C-level managers in all fields to promote business and services.

Advertising in BizIsrael

BizIsrael is a leading business portal, registered in the index of Baidu and Google with over 100K Chinese readers.  The site has high ranking in both search engines, the companies listed on BizIsrael can be searched by China's No.1 search engine - Baidu. It significantly gains visibility for Chinese investors and companies.

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Technologies & Startups

Technologies & Startups

ADV Marketing PR & SEO in Asia
Conferences & Exhibitions Marketing Support

Conferences & Exhibitions Marketing Support

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Book Publishing China & Asia

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